Bungetz Web Site

  This site used to be Tanzania's Parliament's Official Web Site until December 2002.
The website has now been re-possessed by a gentleman from Germany who is doing business with Tanzania, Mr. Eberhard Blocher, the Director of the company East African Home Pages (Deutschland) KG
You are now welcome to visit the Tanzanian Parliament's official website at

Bunge la Tanzania
Tovuti hiyo sasa imechukuliwa na bwana mmoja wa kutoka Ujerumani anayefanya biashara na Tanzania,
Ndg. Eberhard Blocher ambae ni Mkurugenzi wa Kampuni ya East African Home Pages (Deutschland) KG
Unakaribishwa sasa kuitembelea tovuti rasmi ya Bunge la Tanzania katika anwani ya


Julius Nyerere speaks in Tanzania's Parliament, 1970s

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